At Westchase Dentist in Houston, TX, we have CBCT machines which aren’t available in many dental offices. You might need to get a CBCT scan as one of our clients, or you may be referred from another office.

Since many patients haven’t had CBCT scans before, at Westchase Dentist, we want to answer some of the questions we get about them.

What Is a CBCT Scan Used for?

You may have heard of a CT (Computed Tomography) scan; a CBCT is a Cone Beam CT. These scans are more accurate than regular CTs but don’t use a lot of radiation. As dentists, we have many reasons to use CBCT scans.

By using them, we can create 3D images of your teeth, which can be very helpful before surgery or inserting an implant. If we’re trying to evaluate your temporomandibular joints for TMD or sinuses, then we might also rely on CBCT scans to give us accurate images of these structures.

Preparing for a Scan

These scans aren’t time-consuming and take just seconds to complete. You won’t be in any discomfort or pain while getting scanned. There’s nothing to do before a scan. We’ll need you to take off any jewelry and hearing aids right before the scan, and you can put them back on afterward.

Face and neck jewelry, as well as hearing aids, can disrupt the images. You might have to wait a few minutes before leaving, though. One of our dentists will need to review and evaluate the scan first to make sure the images are clear and contain all the necessary structures. Otherwise, you might leave and have to come back in later to get another scan. This saves time and effort on both parts.

Overall, you should be in and out of our office for a CBCT scan in less than half an hour.

There’s no reason to worry or fret about getting scanned. While these scans give us lots of information, they’re not hard to deal with, and they don’t cause patients any discomfort. As we mentioned, the scan itself takes seconds.

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