Dental Crowns in Houston

Dental Crowns in Houston

Anne Chee, DDS offers dental crowns to treat a variety of dental issues in Houston, TX. Crowns are also referred to as caps because they completely cover a tooth when placed, restoring it to health.

What are crowns used for?

This treatment can address several dental issues, including:

  • Holding together a tooth that is particularly weak and at risk of breaking or fracturing
  • Restoring a broken or cracked tooth
  • Creating an abutment tooth (anchor) for a bridge
  • Covering an extremely discolored tooth
  • Supporting a tooth with a large filling
  • Other cosmetic reasons


Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, resin, and stainless steel. The material selected will depend on the location of the crown and the reason it is being placed. For example, more visible or cosmetic crowns will usually be made of porcelain or ceramic because these materials can be colored to match the shade of the surrounding teeth, resulting in a natural-looking restoration. Each material has its advantages, so your dentist will discuss your options with you and make a recommendation on what material to use.


It will take two visits to Anne Chee, DDS to have a crown placed on a tooth. The tooth receiving the crown will first be prepared to create enough room for the crown to fit. The tooth will be numbed for this procedure. If the tooth is severely damaged or broken, it can be built up first in order to support the crown. Once the tooth is the right size and shape, an impression will be taken of it. A dental laboratory will use this impression to create the crown. A temporary crown will be placed on the prepared tooth at the end of your first appointment to keep it protected until the crown is ready.

Once the permanent crown is completed, you will return to our office to have the temporary crown removed and replaced by the permanent crown. It will be fastened with a special adhesive and adjusted to fit with the bite of your teeth.

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