Dental Fillings in Houston

Dental Fillings in Houston

Cavities form when proper oral hygiene is not kept. If the teeth are not brushed regularly as recommended, plaque is left on the tooth surfaces. Plaque contains harmful bacteria that produce acids that attack the teeth enamel. When enough of the enamel is worn away, a cavity will form. To treat this common dental issue, Anne Chee, DDS offers dental fillings as an effective treatment in Houston, TX.

What are dental fillings?

A dental filling does just what its name says – it fills in a tooth after the decay has been removed. There are several types of fillings as several materials can be used to create them, including amalgam, composite, metals, ceramic, and glass ionomer. The type used will depend on the location of the cavity, your specific needs, and cost. Your dentist will determine the best type for you.


Fillings can generally be placed in just one appointment. You can expect to be at our office for about an hour. The tooth receiving a filling will first be numbed. Your dentist will then remove the decay and clean the tooth thoroughly. The filling material will then be placed, usually in layers to strengthen the filling. Each layer will be cured (hardened) with a special light. Once all the layers have been placed, your dentist will trim down the excess material to ensure that the filling fits with your bite.

After the procedure, your mouth will most likely remain numb for a few hours. Be careful during this time when eating to avoid biting your cheek.

In addition to treating dental cavities, fillings can also be used to repair damage to a tooth caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) or to repair a broken tooth.

Taking care of your filling

Dental fillings don’t require any special maintenance, but it is recommended that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine following the filling procedure to ensure that the filling stays usable for as long as possible and to avoid the need for future fillings. Dental fillings usually last for many years but may eventually need replacing. Your dentist at Anne Chee, DDS will be able to evaluate the health of your filling and recommend the best for your oral health in Houston.

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