The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty within the professional field that focuses on making the teeth more appealing to look at. For many patients, this means beautifying the smile by focusing on symmetry, regularity, and whitening. After all, people are inundated with images of celebrities that have gleaming, perfectly straight teeth, even though this is not the reality for the majority.

Some might consider cosmetic dentistry to be frivolous, but this is not the case. Self-confidence is often directly tied to how people see themselves, and fixing a cracked or chipped tooth can do wonders for an individual. Over the past few decades, technology has made leaps and bounds in the kinds of procedures currently offered by dentist’s office, and there are many benefits to be gained.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry is Beneficial

Cosmetic dentistry possesses two main benefits: It improves the overall health of the mouth and can raise the individual’s self-esteem.

A smile is considered a person’s most important feature because it can tell a wealth of information about the individual. Someone with a bright smile can indicate their friendliness and professionalism, while someone with teeth that are yellowed and decayed show a lack of attention to their own health and wellness.

By help correct past wrongs or just improve the overall look of the smile, dentists can make a person more confident with themselves and their appearance, boosting self-esteem.

People are often confused when dentist’s mention that aesthetic work is actually helpful for maintaining oral health and wellness. The truth is no procedure can be done until the teeth and gums are checked for irregularities and cavities. This means the patient must undergo a thorough visual and tactile exam, sit through x-rays, and most likely have a bite mold created so the technicians can see how well the teeth connect.

If there are any existing issues in the mouth, they must be treated before work can be done. Dentists will therefore perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, fill in any existing cavities, and explain to the patient the proper way to maintain oral hygiene.

Besides these basics, many cosmetic procedures themselves can actually improve health by covering exposed teeth. Behind the hard outer enamel of the tooth is the soft internal pulp that contains nerves and delicate flesh. When the pulp is exposed, it is likely to become infected or start to decay because of plaque. To avoid this problem, dentists can perform procedures like the application of crowns, which covers the pulp and provides a new hard biting surface for the tooth. For this reason, many cosmetic procedures can also be considered restorative.

How to Achieve Two Goals with One Procedure

Patients who visit dental offices often require work that is covered by two separate fields of dentistry. The most common combination is cosmetic and restorative dentistry, which focuses on treating the teeth after an accident or decay has affected them in some way. The purpose is to, therefore, restore their overall role and function, so they continue to be serviceable to the patient. When someone requires a procedure that combines cosmetic and restorative dentistry, they need one that will not only repair the tooth, but that will also make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Cosmetic procedures frequently improve the function of the mouth by realigning the teeth, repairing chips, and sealing fractures and cracks. This helps the teeth fulfill their role while also ensuring individuals receive smiles they are comfortable with and happy about.

Out of the numerous procedures that can be used to restore and beautify the mouth, the most common ones include:

Many of these procedures deal with covering and repairing teeth that are cracked, chipped, or broken. Other options available include whitening and shaping, which help an individual achieve the smile they want.

If you are worried about whether or not you can afford cosmetic dentistry, many offices now offer low prices to make basic services more affordable. One skilled practitioner in Houston is Anne Chee, DDS, a licensed professional who can help you boost your self-confidence and improve oral health through simple procedures.

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